Welcome to Awesome Edmonton!

Watch this space!  Our new website has launched, and we’re live on the Awesome Foundation website as well, where we’ll be accepting submissions from here on in.  This website is meant to complement our Awesome Foundation chapter page with additional information and posts.

Over the summer, we’ll be working hard to bring both websites to completion – including information and pictures from our past pitch parties and grantwinners, updates about the Awesome Foundation in Canada and across the world, and other awesome items.  Don’t miss a beat!  Subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date on the most important news – no spam, no B.S.

Our 2015-2016 granting season will kick off in September, currently slated for Friday the 25th, and continue through November, January, March, and May.  Start getting your ideas in now!  Each pitch party’s details will be sent out through the newsletter.  They’re open to the public and everyone is welcome to attend for a fun night of inspiration, innovation, and community-building.